Office Parties. Birthdays. Graduations.
Business Meetings. Poker Night.

Rent a Party Room!

Are you looking for a larger and private space to host a party, event, or meeting?  Dundee Dell has you covered. We have both a small and large private area where you can enjoy your special event and have access to our entire menu.  There’s no need to get take out or rent out a place with a dull atmosphere. The Dundee Dell Pine Room and Skye Room have everything you need for your next event in a fun environment.

To secure either room, the room fee must be paid at the time of reservation. Advance payment may be required on custom catering services.

The Pine Room

The Pine Room is perfect for events needing space for 25-65 people.  If you’re looking for a casual space for your next office, sports, graduation, anniversary, or birthday party, the Pine Room will not disappoint.

The Pine Room is named after its signature pine stained walls. The woody pine finish creates a warm and rustic feel. The double high ceiling gives the room a feeling of openness and eliminates the uncomfortable claustrophobic feeling of typical low ceiling party rooms.

The lighting is warm and soft, and several large windows and a big patio area with a massive window wall bring in plenty of natural light for day events.

$150.00 Room Rental, Room fee waived with $250.00 Food & Beverage Purchase. The Pine Room is on the main level.

Rent the Pine Room

The Skye Room

A private room ideal for groups of 6-12 people. The Skye Room is a sophisticated and cozy space for business meetings, small group dinners, private Scotch Tastings, and even poker night. The
Skye Room is accessed through the kitchen only; it’s a place where backroom deals are made – think of Goodfellas in Nebraska – minus the illegal stuff.

The Skye Room atmosphere is truly unique. The original 1932 brick walls highlighted by several large classic stain glass windows.  Strategic track lighting and natural light from the large windows make for a warm and comfortable experience. The ceiling is high, creating an open-air feeling, so nobody in your party feels claustrophobic.

$100.00 Room Rental. The room fee is waived with a $150.00 food and beverage purchase. The Skye room is only accessible by stairs.

Rent the Skye Room